RMC Services

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  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Group Coaching

Diverse areas: sports, health, education, business, performing arts, special forces.
Diverse themes: according to needs and on-demand.


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  • Coaching education
  • Parenting Education
  • Educational Resources

Diverse areas & themes: according to needs and on-demand.

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  • Professional
  • Inspirational

Diverse areas: sports, business, education, health, special forces, performing arts.
Diverse themes: according to needs and on-demand.

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Program Development

  • Needs assessment, development, implementation & program evaluation.

Diverse areas & themes

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Elite Camps

Diverse countries &  levels

(e.g., Train Like a Pro, Ro)

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  • Media Training
  • Education/Promotion of Mental Coaching

Diverse areas & themes

TV & radio interviews, speeches, newspapers and magazine articles.

Rolo Mental Coaching (RMC) Services

RMC’s Mission:

  • To educate the individuals and the general public about what Performance Enhancement Psychology is, where, how, and when it can be implemented, as well as its inherent benefits.
  • To develop, implement and evaluate Mental Skills Training programs, as well as create resources to enhance the performance and well-being of diverse individuals and institutions (e.g., athletes, coaches, parents, students, teachers, doctors, nurses, artists, business people).
  • To promote the systematic implementation of performance enhancement strategies by individuals and institutions.
  • To advance the field of Performance Enhancement Psychology, and to promote it in the international community and the media.

RMC’s Methodology:

  • RMC has an innovative and pioneering work philosophy and methodology.
  • The evidence-based methodology includes a holistic, educative, preventative, cognitive-behavior, and integrated approach, in which the mental area is developed simultaneously with technical, tactical, and physical domains.
  • The performance enhancement skills are enhanced initially in practice, leading to implementing them systematically and autonomously in competition and real-life situations.
  • Unlike traditional clinical psychology, which focuses on problem remediation, RMC uses a preventative approach, based on positive psychology and focusing on clients’ strengths.
  • The coaching takes place in real-life settings (e.g., tennis court, classroom, clinic, theater, business office), working with the whole team (e.g., athlete, coach, parents, trainer, other specialists), and geared towards the clients’ autonomy.
  • RMC takes into consideration individual differences, cultural diversity, and the powerful influences of the environment to effectively address them in tailored made interventions.
  • The consultation and interventions delivered by RMC are within a scientist-practitioner model where research informs interventions and vice versa.
  • RMC assist people in being aware of their limiting beliefs and unproductive thoughts and how these negatively impact their emotions and behavior (cognitive/behavioral approach). RMC helps individuals in replacing the above mentioned with productive ones, and in establishing efficient routines that lead to sustainable success and well-being.

Over 20 years of experience has shown RMC that by applying this methodology, the process of goal achievement is faster, more enjoyable, and with long-lasting effects.

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