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Performance Enhancement Psychology

Cristina Rolo, Ph.D, CC-AASP and Dave de Haan, B.A. co-founded RoLo Mental Coaching (RMC) in 2005. Their international coaching/consulting partnership focuses on mental coaching to enhance performance and quality of life. They operate mostly in Europe and the United States of America.

Cristina Rolo and Dave de Haan are experts in Performance Enhancement Psychology and specialists in Mental Training applied to elite and professional tennis. The terms "Mental Coach", "High Performance Coach", "Sport Psychologist" are most commonly used in the area where Dave de Haan en Cristina Rolo operate.  Due to their level of expertise they are internationally known and considered pioneers/innovators in the world of Sport Psychology.

RoLo Mental Coaching services are requested in sports (e.g. equestrian, gymnastics, golf, judo, soccer, volleyball, among others), business (e.g. Management Training, Sales Training), health professionals (e.g. nurses and doctors), performing artists (e.g. actors, singers and musicians), and education (e.g. student/athletes, students, and teachers).

RoLo Mental Coaching has conducted certified mental training workshops for elite coaches, players and parents, in Portugal, the Netherlands, Romania and U.S.A.

RoLo Mental Coaching’s methodology includes an educative/preventative, cognitive/behavioral, holistic approach, which takes place in real life settings and is geared towards performance and autonomy. 

Dave de Haan and Cristina Rolo are multilingual (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and currently learning Romanian). They often promote Performance Enhancement Psychology (in major media: newspapers, magazines, radio and television) which is more commonly named Mental Coaching or Sport Psychology.

In 2009 Cristina Rolo and Dave de Haan published the “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” book in Portuguese. This book has been translated into English and will be published and available to the public in 2017. 

Cristina Rolo is a native from Portugal and is a former tennis player. She is a level II tennis coach by the Portuguese Tennis Federation (FPT), specialized in Mental Training applied to elite tennis. She got her Masters degree in Portugal (1996-1998) and worked with the elite junior players at the Portuguese National FPT Tennis Center. In 2004 Cristina Rolo graduated Suma Cum Laude in her class and got her doctoral degree in Exercise and Sport Psychology (with a minor in Counseling) at UNCG, USA. Cristina has international training in conflict resolution, team-building and leadership. 

Cristina has collaborated in numerous projects for internationally recognized organizations, such as: United States Tennis Association (USTA), USA and Mexican Olympic committees (USOC and COM), US Water polo, the National Football League (NFL) Portuguese Judo Federation (FPJ), the Portuguese Tennis Federation (FPT) and Romanian Tennis Federation (FRT). Specifically, in the area of tennis, Cristina has implemented elite coaching clinics, and developed educational resources for players, coaches and parents.

Cristina Rolo has extensive knowledge and experience working with all sorts of elite athletes, coaches and parents. 

Within several professional awards which Cristina received throughout her career, she was awarded the status of Certified Consultant (CC-AASP) by the prestigious US institution: Association for Applied Sport Psychology in 2015. Obtaining the CC-AASP status recognizes that Cristina Rolo has achieved prescribed high standards of education, training and experience in her field. Cristina is currently the only AASP Certified Consultant in the Iberic Peninsula (Portugal and Spain), and one of the few professionals in the field to obtain this certification outside North America.

Dave de Haan is originally from The Netherlands but since his teenage years lived in the US where he was a division one student/athlete (full basketball scholarship).  Dave also served on the Dutch national basketball team and played professionally after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Asheville (USA). He got his degree in Clinical Psychology and specialized in Performance Enhancement Psychology. Dave has extensive experience working with professional- and elite athletes and  coaches. 

Dave was Victor Hanescu’s (former 26 ATP tennis professional) Mental Coach for five years, traveling with him on the ATP World Tour. He is also a former businessman who worked for a period of five years in the industrial coding industry, in the Benelux. He has recently been nominated for the 2017 UNCA Pisgah award, which recognizes distinguished service in the past decade in his area of expertise (Mental Coaching). 

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