RMC Weekly Blog: How to use creativity to boost your confidence and vision

  Generally speaking, we often define creativity as the ability to generate (original) ideas or possibilities that could be useful in overcoming challenges, increasing productivity, and entertaining us. It would be fair to say that we all have moments when our desires or passion trigger us to supply an alternative, substitute, or improved method of….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Why belief is the key to success

    The level of success often is generated by the ability of the other to validate if someone is successful. By the standard of our current society, success is only granted by status when the obtained success is valued by reaching a goal. But what if the obtained goal has not been reached yet?….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: How to Deal Fear

  The most significant measure in dealing with fear is knowing when it is taking place. The only relevant fear is an immediate response to a possible dangerous event in the present moment. All other fears take place inside our imagination, mainly dealing with past or future events. Most fear episodes take place in these….Read More

Clinical psychology Vs Preventive psychology

By reading this article you will learn more about clinical and preventive psychology and how they differ. What is a preventive psychologist? What type of psychology best suits you? Below you will have the answer to both these questions and any other ones that may emerge. Clinical Psychology Clinical psychology is an integration of science, hypothesis,….Read More

2009 – Book Delivery “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success”

2009 – Book Delivery “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success”        Finalizing the “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” (MTT) book One week before the 20th Estoril Open Cristina Rolo was eight months pregnant with their second child. She was working late hours with their team of designers (Victor Chan….Read More

2007 – When the Seeds were first Planted… “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” book seeds were first planted…

2007 – When the Seeds were first Planted… “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” book    Group of Tennis Coaches participating in the 1st On-Court Mental Training session with Rolo Mental Coaching (Cristina Rolo and Dave de Haan) during Portuguese Tennis Federation elite Coaching Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal Portuguese Tennis Federation (FPT) Elite Coaching Clinic….Read More


    CURIOUS ABOUT ROLO MENTAL COACHING’s  “5Ws” & “1H”? Today Rolo Mental Coaching’s (RMC) goal is to satisfy your curiosity. Find out more about who, when, what, where, why, and how Rolo Mental Coaching operates.     ROLO MENTAL COACHING’s  “5Ws” & “1H” Would you like to get to know Rolo Mental Coaching (RMC)….Read More

Rolo Mental Coaching Business Flyer

Rolo Mental Coaching business flyer


    Quarantine COVID – 19 STRATEGIES to stay Healthy and remain Sane while confined at Home with your Family and Pets.   Introduction: In this notebook, you will find 19 areas and strategies to stay healthy and sane while confined at home with your family (adults, children, elderly, and pets) during the COVID-19 Quarantine.….Read More

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