RMC Weekly Blog: Become More Positive with Self-Dialogue


Most people are not aware of how many thoughts pass through our brain on average during one day. Roughly speaking the number of thoughts is around 50.000! Of which 70-80% are negative, or resistant to change. 90% of those negative thoughts are put on a loop that goes around the brain over and over until there has been some resolution. However, often there is no resolution because the habit has already begun and there is little awareness that can point out this sneaky killer of joy. The brain is not a big fan of change therefore it wants to keep the status quo even if this state is not the most healthy.  The brain is a big scaredy-cat and new things are often dumped into a negative pile, meaning change. Unless we train it through self-dialogue skills that help the brain look at things less intimidating and possibly produce positive new habits or choices. 

When Rolo Mental Coaching is dealing with a person who is extremely fearful of making mistakes we often play the “what if” game. This is a game where we discuss the bad things that they are afraid of to the maximum of possible outcomes. Through guided coaching, the client realizes that our imagination can run wild and those extremes have a very low probability of coming to pass. Next, we assist people in becoming more aware of their negative thoughts, and through the use of positive self-dialogue, we replace the negative thought with one that will benefit the person or at least bring the experience to a halt. 



After reading about our tendencies to be rather negative and finding out that our brain is the main reason why we behave this way you must wonder what would be some examples of positive self-dialogue. Here are some:

  • I can change my mind about anything and don’t need to explain myself to everyone.  
  • I failed at my attempt but at least I tried and now I know what does not work. I can try a different way next time. 
  • I love and appreciate myself
  • Whatever I can imagine that can go wrong can also go right. With my intelligence and awareness, the likelihood of a positive outcome is higher.

What limiting self-talk is keeping you from your dreams and what positive replacements will open the doors to your greatest potential?


Written by: Dave de Haan


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