RoLo Mental Coaching

Performance Enhancement Psychology

This book aims to help coaches, players and parents overcome obstacles often felt by athletes

and leading them to high performance (e.g. lack of motivation, lack of determination and persistence, low self-confidence, difficulty concentrating, blocking at crucial points).


The 33 mental exercises included in this book were implemented and tested in the United States of America, the Netherlands, Romania and Portugal, with a positive impact on the performance and quality of life of tennis players of different age groups and performance levels. The content of the book is organized in the following chapters: Mental Training, Motivation, Goal-Setting, Positive Self-Dialogue, Concentration and Self-confidence. These chapters include off- and on- court exercises. Whenever possible the mental training should be integrated into the technical/tactical and physical training in situations similar to actual competition.

This mental training book aims to increase self-knowledge and the development of mental skills to promote: autonomy, quality of life and increase success in tennis, with transfer to life in general (e.g. school, family, job). Although this book uses language and specific examples of tennis, its scientific psychological foundations and instruments apply to a wide range of areas such as: education, business, health, or arts.