Maria Neacsu

Elite tennis player, RO.
Student at the University of Liverpool, UK.


When I first found out about ”Train Like a Pro”, I was not sure if I wanted to go. For a long time, I was in a very bad period with my tennis and very close to call it a quit. I could not see the point of going to this camp. Little could I foresee the opportunities that were to arise.

For a couple of weeks, my parents talked about it very nicely and finally, I thought that I should at least give it a try. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made because there I met Cristina and Dave, which had a major impact on my career, my life, but most importantly on my way of thinking.

At first, I was scared to open up to them, because it was the first time I worked with mental coaches and was not sure what to do, but as days passed, they were gradually gaining my trust. We started by me telling them little things, like what I think it’s missing from my game until we reached even very deep conversations regarding self-esteem and why was I afraid to be confident. I did not realize just then, but the answers we found together helped me move on with my tennis, as well as in my personal life. After that camp, the thoughts of quitting were completely gone, and I was a new person, becoming more ambitious and more willing to work every day so I can pursue my dreams and achieve anything I want.

In my opinion, the reason why they had such a big impact on my life is because the way we worked was not the student-teacher way of learning. We became a team and we analyzed and discovered together different parts of me, and various ways in which I can improve, on- and off-court, which mostly helped me develop as a person. Along with the exercises, like ”Zipper” for a good posture, or ”bounce-hit” for better anticipation of the ball, they helped me train the way I think, immediately identifying a negative thought and change it into a positive one. Even though my tennis results did not rise so much immediately after this camp, there has been a very big improvement in my thought process, which I believe will help me more in my future career, be it professional tennis or anything else.

I recommend getting to know Cristina and Dave and working with them at Rolo Mental Coaching, for anyone who ever felt confused or lost their way in life. They are the most positive people I have ever met and have a lot of knowledge, thoughts, and experience, willing to share with the ones in need. I’m glad I got to know them and I feel very honored to be friends with them. I am looking forward to working together again in the future, as I feel I still have so much to learn from them.

Maria Neacsu



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