Photo Milan Kabala for Rolo Mental Coaching Testimonial

Milan Kalaba

Strategical Tennis Coach, Entrepreneur, and Artist.
The Netherlands

Rolo mental coaching is part of my band.
A band that consists of multiple sections that need each other to sound well but are completely independent of each other.
I am the singer of this band, Cristina plays the bass and drums, Dave plays the guitar and keys. Both accompany my lyrics and vocals and play the music I write. They like to give input and improvise, which is totally fine, because that is what you expect from your band.
When we are playing, and I’m singing a verse, the rhythm is very important and helps to keep my flow. When I enter a chorus, the bridge is particularly important and helps me build up in my flow. Finally, when I join the chorus, both sections work together to perform and rock on!
I see life as a concert where you sing and perform your song. So, having Dave and Cristina in your band doesn’t make you dependent on them, it makes you inter-independent and helps your song be heard and felt.
In my coaching, the verse is the part of my life where I prepare for the chorus through routines and strategic planning. The bridge is where I get ready for the chorus, where I know how to react to and evaluate new opportunities, where I feel the freedom to recover from mistakes and use that false note as an inspiration for improvisation.
And finally, during the chorus, my inner self has all the freedom to stay in the moment and perform live, for an audience, where I feel the self-confidence and creativity to improvise.

Now that’s some coaching!

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