Inez Dits
Founder & CEO of Zeni Healing and I Organize, NL

On a given day I had enough of the status quo and I decided that I could do more with my life. I set goals and made a pact to work hard on them.
At a certain point I got stuck and I knew I needed support and guidance, because I lost sight of many things that were going to beat down my good intentions.
I decided to open myself to other ways of perception and views about success and well-being. My goals were the same and I was determined to get the most of my time spent on this earth as a mother, business partner and business owner (not mentioning all the other things I am involved in).

I needed solid ground and a base to give my intentions discipline and laser sharp focus. I needed someone who understood me and could teach me the tools I needed. And I needed someone to put a mirror in front of me to assist to improve habits, which were holding me back. I needed a core or at least be reminded of my core strength which I knew I had but could not get to on my own.

I voiced out into the universe (which is something I do as my personal belief) that I was ready. I asked the universe to send me a coach and one of the best!

Both my parents had recently past away and I was stuck.
I asked my parents to look out for me to send me the coach I was looking for. Someone who was really capable of seeing me and do some crucial work with me.

I grabbed my gear and went with my son to a playground in a forest. I always find peace near these nature places and my son enjoys it as well.

Two young children were playing there. A boy and a girl. I right away noticed that these children carried beautiful energy and were different. They right away started playing with my son. There was something very special about these kids.
When they were near me I asked if they came often to this playground. They answered that they come sometimes, but that they traveled a lot due to their parents work. Out of nowhere, the girl asked if I would like to meet her parents. She thought I would enjoy meeting her mother. She also spoke about her father who wrote a children’s book (Kingdom of Ten).
This caught my interest and I was introduced with enthusiasm to her mother.
I thought about how amazing these kids were and that they must have great parents. As I later found out that they are great parents. How these two people raise their children is an example to many.
This is how I got introduced to this lovely family. Open conversation and they had my heart. I felt it and it was good. In my belief system it meant something and there was no coincidence. A tear rolled over my cheek. I was offered one of their business cards and I later decided to send them an e-mail, to which Dave invited me to do an intake session, to see if he could be of service to me. Dave normally only works with professional athletes and high management business people and wanted to see what I was all about as well.
He mentioned that this kind of work is intense and is only for those that are really ready to get the most out of themselves. And that he and I would have to be completely transparent with each other.

After the intake, Dave decided that he could work with me and that he already had ideas what to start on.
We started immediately with my private coaching and with my direct family (husband and son).

This work I did with Dave helped me so much and in so many areas, which I had no idea of before. I started to see clear and with a perception I did not have before. I was growing as a person, my business and my family as well.
Communication improved, which led everyone to feel understood and happier.
My business goals were met in every level. So much, that I had to learn to say no or have people accept to schedule for a later date when I could see them. A waiting list as you will. My agenda was full.
I was taught how to combine and manage tasks as a mother, partner and business owner.
There was solid ground underneath my feet now.

Through Dave’s teachings in assertiveness and fear management, I was going through events and situations which would normally hold me back. I was moving forward, leaping over obstacles as if they were games to be enjoyed. I felt back in my power. I was there before Dave, but this time with focus and energy. A natural strength, which I had not felt in ages but felt real and pure.

The work I did with Dave helped me go through with a long dreaded surgery. I had put it off for eight years. I did it and I am so happy it is done. I am recovering well and feel so relieved that it is behind me now. Boom! Right through all the fears and obstacles!
So much gain, and step by step I am growing stronger and stronger.

I use my coaching on all aspect of my life. I still am in contact with Dave. He and his wife have become very good friends of mine. I feel they truly care about their clients and give their very best to each individual client. Dave feels people really well. In my belief he is a very high frequency person.

It is my opinion that Dave and his family are a big example of how one should live his life. Their life style is so pure and beautiful. With heart and integrity, they touch people’s lives and move them in positive directions. A higher purpose and well-being to last a lifetime. Now, that is coaching to me!

I am so thankful to have these wonderful people in my life.

I trust we will learn much more together and reach higher and higher levels of enlightenment.

They are in my heart

Much Love,

Inez Dits

CEO of Zeni healing, Oosterhout, The Netherlands.



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