Pedro Semião

Director of the Pedro Semião Tennis Academy, Albisport Clube, Castelo Branco, Portugal.

I have known Cristina and Dave for many years, and I admire the work that they both developed in the mental training area, especially as it applies to tennis. Mental Training, due to its importance, has to be a central part of the training process to have better-developed players.

Mental Training in Tennis: Applied Strategies for Success book, is for me a great reference, and I often use the tools that Dave and Cristina have included in this book while working on-court with my athletes. After a systematic use of these exercises with my youth tennis players, I have obtained very interesting results: enhancement in confidence, play better under adversity, be able to turn the game around when in difficult situations, a better understanding of own mistakes and how to learn from them, and looking at tennis using a more positive perspective.

I have had the pleasure to have Cristina and Dave present at several events at my Academy, and I have noticed the extraordinary way in which they act and interact with tennis players, coaches, and parents. The simple way in which Dave and Cristina face and resolve the “problems” presented by the players, demonstrates that Mental Training is fundamental in the training process, facilitating the learning process and also motivating the players to always want to enhance their performance.

Cristina and Dave, I hope that both of you continue for many years your work to develop the Mental Training area, for players, coaches, and parents to have access to the knowledge and tools you make available to us, which assist us to become more complete and better professionals.

I recommend Rolo Mental Coaching work in Mental Training, to enhance players’ performance, since the early stages of development, to fulfill tennis players’ full potential.

Cristina e Dave, you are Fantastic and your work is Excellent!

Pedro Semião

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