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The dictionary describes wisdom as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. 

The ability to know what is true or right, common sense, or the collection of one’s knowledge is a very powerful tool.  Making sensible decisions and judgments greatly impacts one’s success and well-being in life. Knowledge by itself is not capable of manifesting anything. With wisdom one will know how to act, influencing their growth and success in life.

Knowledge of what is true and real, with good judgment, and the ability to learn from one’s experiences and mistakes is a process that has been thought to give the most fulfillment to one’s sense of purpose.

The ability to use knowledge, understanding, experience, common sense, and insight to make sound decisions and sensible judgments, therefore, is considered the Excalibur of Mental tools, by Rolo Mental Coaching. Wisdom helps a person overcome multiple difficult situations in life and learn from them with the least possible losses.



The following attributes are commonly linked with wisdom:

  • Transcendent behavior
  • Compassionateness
  • Knowledge of self
  • Composed behavior
  • Non-materialistic

The wise also show high knowledge of ethics and act benevolent or forgiving whereas others often will act aggressively. 

What can one do to increase their wisdom? 

Try new things.

Talk to people you don’t know. Talk to people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives from yours, and pay attention to what you can learn from them. 

Do it the hard way, sometimes.

Make mistakes. Experience makes us wiser.

Share your wisdom with others. Travel to different cultures.

Prefer observing over speaking.

Know the difference between the control of one’s own mind and control of other people’s actions.

Practice patience.

In most cultures, Kindness is seen as the highest form of wisdom, and therefore being of service to another is seen as the highest proof of success. 

Perhaps it is hard to see how giving time, respect, and love to another does not impact your own success. However, when we, at Rolo Mental Coaching, see results, it is easy for us to see that every achieved success is based on someone giving another a chance to show their talent, or a coach sharing wisdom to have the pupil exceed expectations. It is therefore our perception that wisdom is the ultimate power tool to obtain a life of success and well-being.

So get out of your comfort zone and see where you can obtain some magic that will increase your personal wisdom. 


Written by: Dave de Haan


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