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Here we highlight one of the brain waves most commonly associated with a relaxed and creative state of mind. A common belief is that this type of brain wave activity plays a role in reducing symptoms of depression and improving creativity. Alpha waves take place when a person is daydreaming, meditating, or practicing Mindfulness. 

When your brain produces mostly alpha waves, you are more likely to be in a wakeful relaxation state of mind. Relaxation techniques like mindfulness and meditation complement the increase of alpha waves, resulting in feeling calmer, and less anxious, it even has been reported to boost creativity levels.

A person on average will experience this feeling perhaps twice a year by random occurrence. A day that things seem to go according to plan, a good day, in common terms. However, a trained mind can produce these days by advanced mental training skills. Alpha waves are the common measure of a mind that is focused on the positive side of life and things that are within our control. This leads to a process that is geared toward success because the energy that is used is all focused on what that person desires, with confidence that one has the tools to move forward no matter what the circumstances are. We, at Rolo Mental Coaching, are therefore focused on training a mind towards recovery, not on staying stuck on a mistake or a negative event. When a person is predominately in an alpha wave state of mind it is much more likely that they will be able to access solution-oriented processes rather than obstacle-seeking efforts. The latter is the standard method of operation when a person is stuck in a Beta wave process. This can all be avoided by training the mind to prefer the alpha wave state of mind. 

In our society, we unintentionally are trained to look for the problem and seek perfection. This leads to a Beta wave state of mind, which is more focused on limitations, rules, and obstacles. We need a Beta wave state to understand common-sense rules, like stopping before a red light and boundaries that are for our safety. But this state of mind does not need to be the dominant part. 

Alpha waves, on the other hand, are highlighted to produce clear-headedness, being in the present, and entirely in the moment. They create a sense of calm and well-being in your mind and body response. When we are in this state, it seems to point us to being focused only on the here and now



The frequency of Alpha waves is between 8 to 12 hertz and plays a role in filtering out distracting sensory information. There are strong correlations between attention and alpha brain waves. Therefore, we often suggest putting on Alpha wave music to assist during studying or when a person is engrossed in a concentrated effort to uptake information essential to learning. 

The other brain wave that we know of is delta, theta, beta, and gamma. They are measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz0.

6 to 8 Hz. Is believed to enhance all areas of the brain within 10 minutes.

What are some ways to enhance your alpha waves?

Meditation has shown signs to increase this state of mind. However, we don’t always have the luxury of time to do a full meditation session. And sometimes we need to be able to reset our brain in a moment that it is most beneficial to be in an alpha wave state of mind. How do we do that? High-performance coaches teach their clients effective tools and skills to train the mind to be able to affect the state of mind to increase the chances of being in the most favorable state of mind during a crucial moment. For example, when a professional athlete is dealing with high-pressure moments, like shooting a penalty or having a match point to win the competition. 

It is also recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine substances because this diminishes the likelihood that a person can reach a state of an alpha wave process.

Now that you know about this little secret, what efforts are you going to take to become one of the most productive and successful human beings on this planet? 😊


Written by: Dave de Haan


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