RMC Weekly Blog: What is the True Meaning of Mindfulness?


What do you think of when you hear this word: mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a focus on being aware of what you are sensing and feeling in the present moment, minus the attempts to interpret or pass judgment. Often people link this to meditation or spiritual activity. When comparing meditation and mindfulness we at Rolo Mental Coaching differentiate the two by clearly defining meditation as the act to attempt to make the mind think of nothing and replacing negative or unproductive thoughts. Mindfulness is actually becoming aware of something and completely being in touch with the moment. This is extremely beneficial when someone wants to perform their talent at the highest levels, invoking the flow sequence where everything seems to move naturally.

People who practice mindfulness have better resilience to distractions that do not contribute to success. They experience higher self and social awareness. Managing their emotions and moods are also benefits of systematically applying mindfulness tools.  With practice, and applied effort this state of mind will become natural and will become a healthy habit, like brushing one’s teeth routinely. 

To mention one lesser side effect of having mindfulness routines is that you might experience frustration more intensely. This is why we incorporate a process of learning to let go and not judge things from an ego state where you identify yourself with any obtained success, project, or status. When applied correctly the often felt frustration is easily manageable.

Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, imagery, and other tools to manage the body/mind.



Our clients who practice these techniques often report:

  • that they manage their emotions better
  • are feeling less judging
  • feel more patient with outcome goals
  • are more open-minded to new or different opinions
  • feel more hopeful and trust the process more
  • are more confident
  • accept mistakes faster and focus their attention quicker on how to overcome negative events.

Other benefits are:

  • low to no feelings of depression
  • strong emotional control
  • low to no anxiety
  • better memory
  • deeper and meaningful relationships
  • better Physical Health.
  • clearly know the difference between fear and actual danger


Written by: Dave de Haan


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