RMC Weekly Blog: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


One of the characteristics of most clients of Rolo Mental Coaching is that they are ambitious. This does not mean that they are already trained and ready to do what is needed to obtain their much-desired goals. However, it does start with having ambition. Being hungry, and willing to work hard are a prerequisite for high performance and its rewards. 

The next steps are building a strategic plan and how to optimally use your network to assist with attaining the success that is desired. Usually, all our clients have talent, and most also have the dedication to work hard but require a strategic plan and/or the necessary mental tools. 

Besides the many skills we focus on to increase performance and well-being, we highlight a need to learn to get out of one’s comfort zone. 

Most people stay in their comfort zone for a lack of confidence. Or for a fear of being disliked or being different from others, people choose ‘to play safe”. This kind of “survival” lifestyle will lead to many regrets and will be settling for less than their potential could be. These kinds of people will have the same wants and desires but will always put off for a later time in their life to go do the things they want to, leading them to procrastinate. 



Highly successful people have the following in common:

  • They risk living toward their dreams.
  • Meet challenges and obstacles with confidence and resilience. 
  • Are extremely comfortable with change.
  • Calculate risk on danger instead of fear. 
  • Invest in things that create abundance and add to their dream.
  • They are not concerned with being popular or liked in a crowd. 
  • Are highly efficient with getting the most out of each opportunity for success.
  • Are excited to learn new things and are willing to explore outside their comfort zone. 

You probably have heard that only 1-2% of the human population currently lives within these parameters and is actually obtaining the most wealth, happiness, comfort, and fulfillment in life. It does not have to be for only such a small amount of people compared to the entire human population. 

We are aware that things are easier when you work with a specialist in high-performance coaching, however, one can already do so much with just a few of the pearls of wisdom we have shared in these posts. Take your opportunity and let these posts excite and motivate you to ignite your ambition to do something truly remarkable, whatever you define as success. 

Rolo Mental Coaching is proud to have been part of so many individuals who stepped out of their comfort zone and accepted our contribution to their success built to last a lifetime. We wish for those who read this will also get inspired to embrace their ambition and do something about it.


Written by: Dave de Haan


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