RMC Weekly Blog: How to Deal Fear


The most significant measure in dealing with fear is knowing when it is taking place.
The only relevant fear is an immediate response to a possible dangerous event in the present moment.
All other fears take place inside our imagination, mainly dealing with past or future events.
Most fear episodes take place in these uncontrollable spaces in time.
We have no control over the future, and the past has already happened.


Since our brain has no distinction between past, present, or future, the body will respond the same in all situations.
We can reduce the amounts of cortisol and adrenaline pumping through our bodies by becoming aware of what space-time the fear is happening.
By that rationale, we can start filtering at least the past and future fear responses and lower the body’s response to them.
Rolo Mental Coaching helps people towards making a clear difference between danger and fear.
We even use an acronym for fear.
As RMC spell it (F.E.A.R.) False Evidence Appearing Real.



When we trick ourselves into a fear response by thinking about possible future threats or happenings that are not desirable, our body releases chemicals that resemble all traits as if they are actually happening to us.
The same counts for past events that make us fearful or have fear responses.
One quick tip we can give to bring the consciousness back to the present is by focussing on things that are always in the current reality.
Things that are always in the current reality can be listening to your breath or registering your heartbeat. For many people, singing a song that comforts them or voicing affirmations reminding them that they are safe in the current reality. This helps them see that the imagined fear is not currently happening.


Written by: Dave de Haan


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