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Resilience is the capacity to endure and overcome adversity.

Resilient individuals have the ability to adapt to change, easily and quickly bouncing back from negative or seemingly difficult situations.
Rafael Nadal is a great example of a resilient athlete. In his recent final in the Australian Open, Nadal was able to overcome a negative situation (being two sets behind) and came back to win the following three sets and the final,
achieving his historic 21 st Grand Slam title. Nadal showed how mentally tough and resilient he is, especially when it matters the most, during moments of high pressure and urgency, leading him to successfully overcome adversity.
When we speak about resilience, many factors come into play.


Today I will tell you more about the 4 Power W’s, which fuel and support the development and sustainability of resilient behaviors. The Power 4 W’s include: Wish (Dreams), Wants (Goals), Ways (Strategies, to overcome internal and external obstacles), and Will (Determination).



An important aspect to consider when developing and sustaining resilience is to bring to the equation significant rewards (something meaningful for the individual, often more powerful when it is of an intrinsic nature).
Remind yourself and others to give proper credit for the effort, for what was done properly, and for the continuous growth that leads to accomplishments at all levels. When these aspects are taken into consideration and are applied on a regular basis, success becomes imminent, and the path in each individual’s journey will be walked with greater health and joy.
You may say that some people are resilient and others not so much (at least, not yet).
The good news is that resilience is trainable.

To better understand the 4 Power W’s (Wish, Wants, Ways & Will), we direct you to page 59 (p. 74 to 75 in our Portuguese edition) in the Goal-Setting chapter of the “Mental training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” book.
To assist you in putting the 4 Power W’s into action and develop your resiliency, or the resiliency of the ones around, you may use several strategies and tools, such as the “4 Power W’s for Success: Strategic Planning” on page 83 (p. 99 in our Portuguese edition).

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Written by: Cristina Rolo


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