RMC Weekly Blog: Boost your confidence with incantation


Many people have heard of affirmations and use them to contribute to a more positive mindset. This tool is mostly used during calm and mindful moments. Incantation is a bit like affirmation but uses body response to create a state of feeling that assist to feel more confident and energetic. With affirmation, the speech is low to only inner dialogue and with incantation, we want to be loud, affecting the entire nervous system. The focus is more on the body and its emotional response. The brain does not know the state is deliberately produced and will provide the proper chemicals to support the high energy state we are invoking. The results are often like magic to clients who have never done this. We do want to mention that this is a good prep tool but should not be used on every single little challenging moment in life. Because, like a drug, the shock will not produce the same result. 

When used correctly, this tool can be beneficial in moments right before we are challenged with nerves or fear of failure. Many clients of Rolo Mental Coaching now feel empowered that they have a tool that they can choose to use before going on stage or playing an important match. But even for people that are not high-performance athletes or actors, this tool can be useful for all kinds of things that normally cause them to stumble at an obstacle or intimidating moment in life.



How do you do an incantation?

First, you will want to involve the whole body. Walk around at an energetic pace. Place images of success and ecstatic outcomes in your mind. Envolve your emotions. Leave out rational thoughts like “this is not real” for the brain will not know the difference if it is real or not. Remember, it will produce chemicals that go with the state you are creating.

Pick a short phrase or word that you can repeat that captures the feeling that you want to create and be loud. Do this for several minutes. Your beliefs and emotions stay focussed on what you want to feel like and what manifests you want to produce. 

Be clear about what you want and give your whole spirit to this incantation moment. 

The mix of your own efforts combined with your brain’s response will temporarily produce the state you want to be in. See it as a reprogramming of the mind. It does not matter that you were feeling fearful or had butterflies in your stomach moments before. When you want to feel different, you now have a tool that can make that happen. The only thing you have to do is let it happen and go with it. Give it a try when you are alone and see the results for yourself. You decide! 

What is something you wish you dared to do? Well, now you can practice and you will do that thing that you were so afraid of. And it does not matter that your success did not grow from the steadfast confidence that always lived in you. This newfound confidence can have its roots in a manifested state of being through the use of incantation. We all can use a boost sometimes, so go ahead and incant!


Written by: Dave de Haan


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