RMC Weekly Blog: Why belief is the key to success



The level of success often is generated by the ability of the other to validate if someone is successful.

By the standard of our current society, success is only granted by status when the obtained success is valued by reaching a goal. But what if the obtained goal has not been reached yet? The idea is still great and will produce change and innovation. Just because it has not yet been proven by others does not mean the idea is not successful.

We often get discouraged by others because others do not feel or see what is in the originator’s belief. They may not have all facts and logic clear yet. It is still just a fragment of a complete idea. But the origin is there. Planted in the mind, much like a seed that has not fully developed yet. Therefore, belief is the ultimate generator for this splinter of an idea to come to have life.

When we plant a seed, we do not abandon the idea that it will grow into something like a plant or a tree because it has been proven repeatedly that this process has good results. It becomes a little more complicated when the seed is an idea. Especially if the idea is unpopular and new and yet to be proven to work.

Many people have “brain farts” as I like to call them. Most people don’t do anything with them because of their negative self-image or low self-esteem. That allows the belief to dissipate due to others not validating the idea to be valuable.


Imagine a man wanting to rent a room in a hotel. The hotel is fully booked. The man believes he can rent a room and walks around, but the desk clerk tells him it is still fully booked. The man wants to walk around and see for himself. The clerk tells him again it is fully booked and that the man has to leave. The man decides to walk around anyways. The clerk calls security but can’t find the man for it is a big hotel. Much time passes, but the man continues to walk around for he believes he will find a room. By normal rationale, the man should leave because he was told there weren’t any rooms available. But he believes he will find a room. When the man passes to the next floor, security misses him each time. Knowing he is in the building, they continue to search for him, and the man continues to search for the room that he believes is available. This goes on for most of the night. By morning some people are leaving their rooms, and the man walks back to the desk clerk and asks:
“Do you have a room available?”
The clerk looks at him, slightly confused, and says:
“Yes, we will have a room available in a few hours after the cleaning crew has cleared them.”
The man smiled and booked the room.


Written by: Dave de Haan


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