Clinical psychology Vs Preventive psychology

By reading this article you will learn more about clinical and preventive psychology and how they differ. What is a preventive psychologist? What type of psychology best suits you? Below you will have the answer to both these questions and any other ones that may emerge.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is an integration of science, hypothesis, and clinical information for the reason of understanding, and calming psychologically-based trouble or brokenness, and advancing subjective well-being and individual improvement.

Most people who seek this kind of support already have cognitive or behavioral issues. Therefore, the setting and starting point is focused on a problem leading the methodology to gear towards finding out what caused or is causing the problem.

The objective is to help and support a client to get out of a negative cycle or situation.

Preventive Psychology

Preventive psychology is a subfield of psychology that focuses primarily on activities taken early on to eliminate or minimize issues before they have the chance to become a negative impact on one’s life. Most people who seek this kind of support are doing well and seek to improve their lives and set in motion a mindset that is geared towards maintaining a positive cycle toward growth and advancement.

Comparing both Psychology Fields

Below we have made an illustration to better help you comprehend the key differences between the two.

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