RMC Weekly Blog: How to Boost Your Endorphins


The human brain has receptors that react specifically to opiates. The pituitary gland and central nervous system (hypothalamus) produce these natural neurotransmitters. These transmitters are called endorphins. When we are in pain or with discomfort, our system makes these to relieve stress and pain. They also show up in our system when we have increased feelings of pleasure and well-being.

If endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers and overall positive sensation, how can we stimulate our system to have more?

We spend a lot of time sitting still these days, and we are receiving lots of negative information via all sorts of media. This behavior brings this exact system to a halt and could cause all kinds of illnesses, one of which we all are familiar with in these times: depression. Feelings of dread and negative outlook are often correlated with lack of movement and a sense of focus on the negative and lacking in one’s life. We can reverse this process 99% of the time when we are more aware of how much time we spend sitting still and how much negative inforcing information we allow daily.


We suggest that for every 45 minutes we sit still, we spend 10-15 minutes moving. This routine can be a moderate or light walk or an exercise routine. Besides that, we also recommend monitoring how much “news” or drama series you watch. Replace negative input and focus on what is right in the world. Most of the time, so much has already been accomplished.

After a set routine is followed, we often see positive results in a client’s process. Remember, endorphins will flow when you do the right things. This activity will set in motion a positive cycle. When doing the right thing, you will receive more endorphins. The endorphins will then assist with feeling more upbeat and having a positive outlook on life. The other side effect of getting in shape is a nice added bonus! So let’s get going by introducing baby steps to a healthier routine that eliminates negativity and lack of movement for increased movement and focus on tasks well done.

Written by: Dave de Haan


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