RMC Weekly Blog: How to Become a Great Leader

The ability to influence and guide others is the common thought that we associate with leadership.

Leadership is a function that provides a direction to a team or an organization and helps utilize the resources for improved efficiency, resulting in achieving common goals.

When Rolo Mental Coaching is involved with profiling a leadership position for a company that is searching to hire a new CEO or director, we focus on specific traits that have been proven to be good qualities that predict leadership skills. 

Effective leaders provide clarity of purpose, motivate and guide the organization to realize its mission.

Below we give a brief summary of the traits we commonly associate with strong leadership.

  • Having a clear vision and set values.
  • Is determined to have clear communication.
  • Focusses on providing recourses.
  • Positively motivates people around them.
  • Shows support and empower individuals.
  • Have the ability to delegate with integrity.
  • Is self-aware.
  • Shows thankfulness.
  • Has empathy.

Below we will also show signs that tell us where someone might not qualify for a leadership role.

  • Absence of emotional intelligence.
  • Negative or tendency to focus on the obstacle instead of a possible solution.
  • Micro-management or overly controlled personality.
  • Not open to new or other points of view.
  • Intimidate or use fear as a persuasion technique.
  • Lack of praise for well-executed work.
  • Show inconsistency in their communications with others.



We sometimes hear people say that a certain individual is a born leader. Although this might be the case in some individuals we tend to believe that anyone who puts in the effort and learns the skills, can become a great leader.

In the past, we often thought of a boss when we thought of leadership. We have moved away from this style of leadership for quite some time now for many organizations that maintained a boss hierarchal structure could not compete with organizations that adopt a more horizontal approach in their hierarchy. 

A boss structure tends to rely heavily on pressure and control where leadership utilizes each individual’s strengths and allows for learning and a multi-axial involvement in how to deal with a common challenge. A boss relies on his authority whereas a leader relies on goodwill and invested enthusiasm to be successful. 

How can you become a good leader? Here are some traits to focus on when you are looking to grow your ability to lead. 

A good leader:

  • Needs discipline and will take on projects that are within their strengths. 
  • Has learned to follow others as well.
  • Inspires others to focus on their strength and improve their developmental needs.
  • Are aware of what is required at a specific moment in time.
  • Resolves conflict harmoniously with dignity and respect.
  • Is an invested listener.
  • Is eager to learn.

What will you do today to become a great leader? 

Written by: Dave de Haan


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