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Would you like to get to know Rolo Mental Coaching (RMC) better? If your answer is yes, then you now have a good opportunity to do so. RMC unveils here information and details about who they are, when RMC was founded, what does RMC offer, where in the world RMC delivers their services, why and how RMC operates the way they do.

Let’s get started with the “5Ws“(Who, When, What, Where, Why) and the “1H” (How).




  • Who & When:

Rolo Mental Coaching (RMC). Founded in 2005
by Cristina Rolo, Ph.D., CMPC (Certified Mental Performance Consultant) & Dave de Haan, B.A.


  • What:

Performance Enhancement Psychology (PEP). 
In an ever-growing world of stress and competition, we provide tailored-made mental skills training programs and high-performance coaching. We address the most challenging areas in an individual’s life, using their strengths and enhancing their developmental needs.
We work with clients from diverse areas, such as
 Sports, Education, Health, Performing Arts, and Business.


  • Where:

Anywhere in the world.
We focus on the subject and their subculture (profession, team, family, social, personal), with special attention to key factors and figures who are influencers, promoting success and well-being.


  • Why:

In today’s society we tend to all want to be healthy and successful but often we are not handed the most important tools that are key to developing success built to last. No matter how much success one has enjoyed already, often our clients (e.g. elite athletes or top executives) feel they could be happier, healthier, and enjoy even higher levels of success. There usually is a feeling that something is still missing. Courses in school and diplomas can get you on a path but it does not always mean that you are on Your path. With our private coaching and use of our evidence-based methodology, we have been continuously providing sustainable performance enhancement, promoting clients’ success and well-being.


  • How:

Every path one is on starts with a first step. The same goes for our methodology. We start our path with our clients when they have shown willingness to invest in themselves in all areas.

We start with an intake evaluation where we examine the potential client needs, readiness, and chemistry, which lead us to accept (or not) to work together. We find it extremely important that our clients have an open mind, are motivated, and have open/honest communication with us. It is also essential to have good chemistry, for the work we do can be very intense and demanding.

We pride ourselves that most of our clients have become friends as well since we are not bound by the standard rule of Psychology, which recommends having no personal ties to the client. We believe that Performance Enhancement Psychology demands to build a bond to get to understand the client better, build trust, and deliver a more meaningful, efficient, and custom design of process work.

Understanding that it is a process is the very first step towards success, truly learning new skills or uncovering dormant talents – which we often reveal due to our expertise in the field of PEP.

This year (May 2020) we released our new “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” book, available worldwide through Amazon. We intend to tour in the countries where our book has been released, to consult and implement workshops for professionals and elite coaching (not just in tennis but for other sports, as well as diverse areas).

Furthermore, RMC presents professional and motivational speeches where mental skills, leadership, and resilience are central for individuals or groups interested to further their awareness, knowledge, happiness, efficiency, and productivity.


  • What makes RMC unique?

RMC offers a unique combination of two professionals, experts in performance enhancement psychology focusing on the promotion of Success and Well-being, bringing in different professional backgrounds, personalities, perspectives and specialties, which contribute to complement each other’s work.

Dave de Haan is a Performance Enhancement Psychologist specialist in high-performance tennis (ATP World Tour coach), as well as fear and aggression. His academic background is in Clinical Psychology. As a former professional basketball player and businessman in the Benelux, Dave brings in his own experience from professional sports and business executive management.

Cristina Rolo is a Performance Enhancement Psychology specialist, with Sport Sciences and Exercise and Sport Psychology background. She is specialized in Positive Psychology and became a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) by the prestigious Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Cristina is currently the only professional in the Iberia peninsula certified by this international organization, and one of the few worldwide, outside North America. She is a former athlete, teacher and coach of a wide range of sports (e.g. tennis, kayaking, volleyball, gymnastics, archery, outdoor activities, within others) who represented Portugal in several international events.

Cristina has a wealth of experience and training in conflict resolution, team building, leadership development, and business coaching by the renowned international company Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).
Dave and Cristina both got educated in the United States, where PEP is a well-developed science and has been integrated into almost every program for professional teams and fortune 100 & 500 companies.

Cristina and Dave possess extensive knowledge and experience gained throughout the 15 years they have been working together implementing Performance Enhancement Psychology to foster success and well-being for diverse prestigious institutions and companies around the world.

Dave and Cristina have been pioneers, implementing, developing, and promoting their field of expertise. The innovation and excellence of their pioneer projects have been recognized and both were recipients of several awards in diverse countries.




They are multilingual (English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, and French) and are mobile, being able to service their clients where they reside, compete or work (e.g. pro tennis player, business owner), traveling with them when needed.

Due to their frequent travel around the world, Dave and Cristina are aware of cultural differences and consider them when working within diverse cultures and ethnic groups.

Together, Dave and Cristina bring a wide range of knowledge and experience. Their different backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives offer the clients the possibility to choose the consultant (or consultants) that speaks their native language, and that better suits their unique personal characteristics and needs.


  • RMC Services:





RMC Services Include: 

– 1 on 1 Consulting
– Workshops (performance enhancement & well-being)
– Executive coaching
– Coaching education
– Professional and inspirational speaking
– Program development, implementation, and evaluation
– Development of educational resources (books, articles, webinars)
– Organization of elite Mental Coaching camps
– Parenting Training
– Promotion of Performance Enhancement in the community & the media 
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  • RMC Books:



Although there is plenty of literature on mental skills, we believe that there are not enough applied books. RMC “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” provides both informative content and easy tools to implement on your own.

The updated English version of the 2009 released Portuguese “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for success” book, includes relevant performance enhancement content and applied strategies for success. Specifically, it contains 33 (off-, and on-court) step-by-step exercises, linked to each of the 6 areas included in the book (Psychological Training, Motivation, Goal-Setting, Positive Self-Dialogue, Concentration, and Confidence).

Besides the valuable applied tools to enhance performance and well-being in tennis and other domains (diverse sports, business, education, health, special forces, and performing arts), the reader will have direct access to RMC methodology and be able to contact RMC at any time. This pioneering book was created based on the assessed needs and became a tool of reference. It has been instrumental to educate, as well as contribute to the development and implementation of mental skills training necessary to foster success and well-being.

Since the Portuguese version of this book was released in 2009, together with the implementation of clinics, educational workshops, and consulting by RMC, Portugal (PT) has seen great developments in terms of professional tennis players’ mental toughness. Currently, PT a nation that has several ATP top players and more importantly, where the mental side of tennis has now a serious place within the development of the professionals and youth.

Although the language and examples of the “Mental Training in Tennis: applied strategies for successbook is specific to one sport, its scientific foundations and strategies are applicable to all domains: Sports, Business, Education, Health & Performing Arts.


  • RMC  Projects:

Rolo Mental Coaching consults with professional athletes and coaches (diverse sports), as well as with professionals from different areas (e.g. education, health, performing arts, and business). RMC delivers elite coaching clinics and accredited workshops for several institutions in diverse countries. Furthermore, Rolo Mental Coaching develops, implements, and evaluates Mental Coaching Programs.

Rolo Mental Coaching produces educational resources (in several languages) in the areas of Performance Enhancement Psychology, Mental Training, Parenting, and Life Skills.
Besides the sports arena, RMC has conceived success manuals for students and teachers, to enhance academic performance and develop life skills.

RMC is currently writing an applied book on effective parenting (in sports and life in general), an area we consider extremely important and underdeveloped.

It is RMC desire to produce additional Mental Training books for specific sports and for diverse contexts (e.g. health, performing arts, business).

Rolo Mental Coaching is always looking for Sponsors and Partners who are interested to collaborate with them and their projects, promoting excellence, success & well-being.
Interested in connecting with Rolo Mental Coaching? Contact RMC using the information provided below.

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