RMC Weekly Blog: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

  One of the characteristics of most clients of Rolo Mental Coaching is that they are ambitious. This does not mean that they are already trained and ready to do what is needed to obtain their much-desired goals. However, it does start with having ambition. Being hungry, and willing to work hard are a prerequisite….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: The Present Is A Gift

  We live in a time where our brain has to deal with many stimuli, some from outside and some that come from our own subconscious. If our brain was a computer it would have short-circuited all ready and would need a reboot. This bio computer luckily has its reboot whenever we sleep. However, due….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Explore Your Inner Wisdom

  The dictionary describes wisdom as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.  The ability to know what is true or right, common sense, or the collection of one’s knowledge is a very powerful tool.  Making sensible decisions and judgments greatly impacts one’s success and well-being in life. Knowledge by itself is not….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: True Feeling of Flow

  To process complex information at rapid speeds we use our intuition to gather the data to assist us to make rational decisions. This process is highly subliminal and operates on a constant absorption level. Some believe this process is not innate but created by us. However, this is not our belief. We at Rolo….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Helping You Be In The Moment

  Here we highlight one of the brain waves most commonly associated with a relaxed and creative state of mind. A common belief is that this type of brain wave activity plays a role in reducing symptoms of depression and improving creativity. Alpha waves take place when a person is daydreaming, meditating, or practicing Mindfulness. ….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Experiencing The World

  Perception is the sensory experience of the world. Environmental stimuli and actions all await our response to these stimuli. We gain information about the properties and elements of the environment around us through the perceptual process. Crudely put, it is an intellectual process of transforming sensory stimuli into meaningful information. It is the process….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Being Aware of Body Language

  Body language is the use of physical behavior, expressions, and mannerisms to communicate nonverbally, often done instinctively rather than consciously. Whether you are aware of it or not, you’re continuously giving and receiving wordless signals when you interact with others. More than 90% of our communication is non-verbal. Our body makes gestures and involuntary….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: A Life of Learning

  Being talented and having a good brain are just the starting point is one basic element of a growth mindset. Together with this predisposition one must dedicate themselves and work hard at what they believe their strengths are. Putting themselves in the learner position allows them to focus on development rather than the end….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Boost your confidence with incantation

  Many people have heard of affirmations and use them to contribute to a more positive mindset. This tool is mostly used during calm and mindful moments. Incantation is a bit like affirmation but uses body response to create a state of feeling that assist to feel more confident and energetic. With affirmation, the speech….Read More

RMC Weekly Blog: Become More Positive with Self-Dialogue

  Most people are not aware of how many thoughts pass through our brain on average during one day. Roughly speaking the number of thoughts is around 50.000! Of which 70-80% are negative, or resistant to change. 90% of those negative thoughts are put on a loop that goes around the brain over and over….Read More

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